Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been thinking about time. Time that is passing by, being in the present time, and time that has yet to come. I often daydream what other events are occurring in the world the same time I am sitting on my couch. I will see an event that happened on the nightly news and think....I was doing this when that happened. I find time an interesting concept. The following artist statement makes me think I am not alone in thinking about the concept of time.

"Every day events transpire of which we are not aware. Our awareness of time is only relative to what we see about us. We get up in the morning with our minds only on a shower to wake up, the homework we didn't do, or the cup of coffee that is going to get us through the day. We give no thought to the lovers who just met, the old man who finally passed away, or the baby girl just born. In one instant, an infinite number of events occur. Most are a mystery; the few we recognize enrich our lives." - John Hernandez Time/Motion

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