Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Its a New Year and I am looking forward to new challenges. The past year, while being unemployed due to a layoff, I was able to establish my art on Etsy, get represented by a gallery, and really start to focus. Now after a year of looking, I have found a job and started working full time in the beginning of December. I love the job and I am so grateful to have found one in my field, but along with a full time job comes the challenge of getting motivated to create. O and did I mention that I am moving in March? I am miserable when I don't create, but I am finding that I lay down on the couch, fall asleep after dinner, then I am mad at myself for not working on something. I am sure there are others out there having a similar experience. Let me hear about it and tell me what you do to motivate yourself. The first five people who comment will win a small handmade prize made by me.