Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Its a New Year and I am looking forward to new challenges. The past year, while being unemployed due to a layoff, I was able to establish my art on Etsy, get represented by a gallery, and really start to focus. Now after a year of looking, I have found a job and started working full time in the beginning of December. I love the job and I am so grateful to have found one in my field, but along with a full time job comes the challenge of getting motivated to create. O and did I mention that I am moving in March? I am miserable when I don't create, but I am finding that I lay down on the couch, fall asleep after dinner, then I am mad at myself for not working on something. I am sure there are others out there having a similar experience. Let me hear about it and tell me what you do to motivate yourself. The first five people who comment will win a small handmade prize made by me.


  1. Hi Joan! I love reading your blog, because it so often coincides with what I'm thinking! I recently wrote on my blog about how hard it is to NEED to make art to be happy but to also just be tired after working all day. It's so easy to just say "oh, I'll just read for half an hour" and then that turns into sleeping on the sofa until it's bedtime, and then off to the job again in the morning! Ugh. I'm trying a couple of new strategies for the new year, including keeping a daily artist journal/sketchbook/collage book in which I am going to force myself to do something creative every day, even if it's just a scribble. Also, every day I am going to pull a minimum of three items from my boxes of collage materials and do something with them. If I don't have much time/motivation it'll just be a quick thing. If I do have more time, it'll just be a starting point for more...

  2. It is a terrible time of year, don't you think? Trying to get out for a walk everyday really helps me alot. Also, a cup of tea, a blankie and a pen and my journal are sometimes all that is necessary. Good luck with your new job, Joan!