Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In October my boyfriend, Ben and I are moving from a one bedroom apartment to a house. We are excited about the move. It means we will have lots more room and I will have my own studio. I hate packing though. Being an artist, as many artists and people who live with artists know, we keep lots of stuff. We are collectors of many things. I am finding lots of stuff I forgot I had. Materials that I am now thinking about how I can use them. I won't be able to do much painting for the next few months, so I will be sketching, photographing and doing some small paper books. I keep thinking about how great my own space is going to be. A space all my own that isn't in a basement or just a table that I have to keep taking down if we have company. Not that we have lots of company in our small space. I love this apartment and I will miss it. It was a great transition for me when I got a divorced three years ago. But now I am ready for a new adventure. A house where we can have friends over and keep my art space as messy as I want and just close the door. As you can see Jake is keeping his eye on the packing. On to bigger and better things!

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