Friday, May 14, 2010


The past few months have been crazy! I started a new job in December and got heavily involved with it and then moved into a house in March. With some working from home, packing and then unpacking I have not had time to blog or really do much creating. But I am happy to say that I am settled, my art studio is up and I am off running. I am so excited to be back. I did take some time to do research for my own art side business and I have so many ideas and some great resources to share with you. I plan on making it a point to blog at least once a week if not more, show some tutorials, share some new resources, show some videos, and of course show my art. I am excited about this new adventure of officialy starting my own side business and who knows what will happen with it in the future. I hope you will follow my journey and be able to gather some information along the way. Knowledge really is power and empowering!
Image: Cherry Blossom tree in the park across the street from the new house.

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