Sunday, August 23, 2009


I think that subject goes hand in hand with inspiration. Subject matter is what makes an artist an individual. You probably have choosen a subject that other artists have represented, but you will never represent it in the same way. I know that I am inspired by many artists and how they handle a certain subject matter. Lately I have been inspired and influenced by Yellena James. I have been looking at her work and trying some of her elements in my sketches, but my drawings will never look like hers because we are two completely different artists. As a photographer and mixed media artist I am inspired by the ordinary. I know when I have found the right subject matter because it keeps my interest and I feel the need to represent it in various ways. I may change the angle when I create the photograph or I may use the image in my mixed media process. As I grow older and more mature as an artist I have stopped worrying about what other people think about my subject matter or what they are thinking when I am in the moment of taking the photograph. Believe me I have had some strange looks and comments when I am photographing an interesting piece of trash on the ground or a broken window. If it strikes my interest that is all I care about. I am creating art for me and if someone else finds my subject matter interesting then that is just icing on the cake. How important is subject matter? How do you choose your subjects? Why do you choose the subjects that you choose?

The Artist Mentor, Ian Jackman

"So the way an artist sees a subject and express it reveals a great deal about the personality of the artist."

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