Monday, August 17, 2009


Where do you find inspiration? I look at lots of art magazines, blogs, surfing the web and of course the work of other artists. I also look to nature and the landscape. You can really be inspired by anything because it all depends on the individual.

Check out the following quotes from The Artist Mentor by Ian Jackman. What inspires you?

"The poorest avenue, with its straight leafless saplings, in a flat dull horizon, says as much to the imagination as the most spectacular view." - Eugene Delacroix

"With the advent of abstraction in art, though, the place of nature as the main source of inspiration was reduced. The way the artist looked at the world changed. The manner of looking rather than what was represented became more significant. The inspiration is created within the artist rather than solely radiating from nature and the tables are turned, allowing an artist to dictate the terms on which nature is seen."

"Inspiration is one of the ingredients that makes any art work. You can carve out the time to work and settle in front of your canvas and just not feel it. Or you might spend years struggling with technique but be bursting with ideas you can't execute. To give themselves the best chance, the artist has to work at preparing to be receptive to inspiration."

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