Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art House Co-Op

The Art House Co-op. Check it out. Projects that you can join and get your creations shown.

From the website:

Art house was started by Steven and Shane back in Spring of 2006 while they were undergrads at Atlanta College of Art. The idea originally started as a group of artists all getting together to have a show at a local venue. Steven and Shane were just the organizers. They quickly got cocky and decided they were going to open up a store front even if it meant pouring all of their hard earned cash into it and living on the street.

They first opened their doors in December of 2006 in a little complex in Decatur, Ga. That space started as a pay-to-play gallery, but quickly lost it's spark. Steve and Shane wanted to create an idea that would spread their name, as well as create a community of artists. They crafted together the first ever "A Million Little Pictures." Sign-ups were slow for awhile until they got picked up by the Yahoo Daily Wire newsletter and soon received over 150 sign-ups! Though that was exciting for the boys, it still didn't pay the rent. One hot summer night, as a last minute effort to get enough money to pay their rent at the gallery, they started "The Sketchbook Project." Well, apparently people liked sketchbooks because it quickly took off. The first ever sketchbook project had just over 500 participants. From there, they created more projects and spruced up some old ones.

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